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Early Anuradhapura Era, Wall Painting in Sigiriya

Sigiriya frescoes is a set of paintings carried created by ancient artisans. These ancient paintings originated in the 5th century AD. A large number of paintings are destroyed over the last centuries at the wrath of rain, sun and wind. The paintings of Sigiriya is one striking feature of Sigiriya ancient site. Lovely maidens that reside in the Sigiriya fresco paintings have dressed their hair piled up high to show their oval face of lustrous complexions.  They wear elaborate jewels on their hair, ears and arms. Large hooped earrings dangle from their ears and they wear armlets as well as bangles.

Apsaras, Mural, Sigiriya, c. 5th century. These paintings carry forward the tradition of apsaras, celestial beings who carry offerings of flowers for deities and venerable beings.

Issued Country Sri Lanka
Issued Year 2008
Category World Heritage Buddhist Arts Theme 1: : World Buddhist Heritage Through Stamps
Type Postage Stamps
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