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Inscription on Ashoka Pillar, Lumbini

"This inscription reads 'King Piyadasi (Ashoka), the beloved of Devas, in the 29th year of the coronation, made a visit to Lumbini and paid his homage. Realising the Buddha was born here, a stone railing was built and a stone pillar erected. Because the Lord was born here, the Emperor had the people of Lumbini village freed from some tax and entitled them to the eighth part only' (source - "Lumbini and other Buddhist sites in Nepal, Nepal Tourism Board)."

Issued Country Nepal
Issued Year 1987
Category Buddhist Architect World Heritage Events Buddhist Arts Theme 1: : World Buddhist Heritage Through Stamps Theme 2: BUDDHA-TeacherOfGods&Mens Buddhist Story Buddhist Landscape
Type Postage Stamps
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