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Master Xuanzang

Master Xuanzang, a famous figure in the history of scholastic Chinese Buddhism.He  was a Chinese Buddhist monk and translator who traveled across the Tarim basin via the northern route, Turfan, Kucha, Tashkent, Samarkand, Bactria, then over the Hindu Kush to India. He departed the Tang capitol, Changan in 629 and returned via the southern route in 645. The remainder of his life was spent translating into Chinese the sutras which he had collected in India. At the request of the Tang Emperor Taizong (626-649) he composed a description of the lands through which he traveled. After his death, his travels and story became fantastic legends which were used in plays and novels

Issued Country China
Issued Year 2016
Category Maha Sangha Buddhist Personality Theme 3: The Buddhist Pantheon as seen through Postage Stamps
Type Postage Stamps
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