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Bodhisattva - Sculpture from Liao Dynasty in Huayan Temple, Datong.
Huayan Temple or Huayan Monastery is a Buddhist temple located in Datong, Shanxi, China. The temple was first established in 1038, in the 7th year of Chongxi period (1032–1055) in the Liao dynasty (907–1125). The name of "Huayan" derives from Avatamsaka Sutra, which more commonly known as "Huayan Sutra" in China. Part of the temple was devastated in 1122, during the war between Liao and Jin dynasties.
The  temple has been burned down and rebuilt several times. The Mahavira Hall and Buddhist Texts Library still preserve the architectural style of the Liao and Jin dynasties (907–1234). It is an artistic complex of ancient Chinese architecture, sculpture, frescoes and inscriptions, as well as a cultural synthesis of religion and politics.
Stamp featuring the Bodhisattva - sculpture from Liao Dynasty, in Shanxi,  Huayan Temple, Datong under the theme “ Colour sculptures of the Liao Dynasty”.
Issued Country China
Issued Year 1982
Category Buddhist Image World Heritage Buddhist Arts Theme 3: The Buddhist Pantheon as seen through Postage Stamps
Type Maximum Card
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