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Heavenly Kings Cave Painting - Qiuci Grotto Murals
The Qiuci Grottoes is the most famous Buddhist art site in China’s Uygur Autonomous Region. The influence of the different civilizations from the West and the East were profound. They show that ancient civilization was built on the integration of the dominant Buddhist culture with several other religious cultures. “Qiuci was a very inclusive and prosperous society. It was a key hub of the ancient Silk Road, a key melting pot for different cultures. These characteristics are fully reflected in the paintings.”


Stamp featuring Heavenly Kings Cave Painting - Qiuci Grotto Murals

Series: Qiuci Grotto Murals

Theme: Rock Art/Cave Paintings

Issued Country China
Issued Year 2008
Category Buddhist Image World Heritage Buddhist Arts Theme 3: The Buddhist Pantheon as seen through Postage Stamps
Type Maximum Card
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