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Fayu Buddhist Temple, Putuoshan Mountain
Located in the east islands (Zhoushan Archipelago) of Zhejiang Province, Putuoshan Mountain (Mount Putuo, Putuo Mountain) is the abode of Avalokitesvara and one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains in Chin.  Putuoshan Mountain fully shows the beauty of both mountain and sea and honored as the Buddhist Kingdom on the Sea and the Sacred Land of the South China Sea. The original religious activity of Mount Puotuo is traced back to Qin Dynasty (BC 221 - 201) when the Taoist immortals practiced alchemy here, and the relic sites can be still found today.
Stamp featuring The Fayu Buddhist
Temple,  the second largest temple on Mount Putuo. It is located at the foot of Guangxi Peak, not far from Qianbusha. It is also called Hou Temple because it is located behind the mountain behind Puji Temple, the largest temple.
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Series: Mount Putuo
Theme: Temple
Issued Country China
Issued Year 03.06.1999
Category Buddhist Architect World Heritage Buddhist Landscape
Type Maximum Card
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