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Pu Sa Ding (Bodhisattva Ding) on Lingjiu Peak in Taihuai Town

Pu Sa Ding ( Bodhisattva Ding) located on Lingjiu Peak in Taihuai Town, was the residence of the emperors of the past dynasties when they paid homage to Wutai Mountain, with typical royal features. It is the largest monastery in Mount Wutai. The Temple was called The Great Monastery of Manjushri when it was first established in Northern Wei Dynasty . The temple site was expanded and to enshrine with an image of Manjushri by an imperial order in year 1004 during Song Dynasty. The monastery was now commonly known as Pusa-Ding which literally means the summit of Bodhisattva.

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Series: Ancient temples-Mt.Wutai
Theme: Temples
Issued Country China
Issued Year 26.07.1997
Category Buddhist Architect World Heritage Buddhist Landscape
Type Maximum Card
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