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The Dayan Pagoda  of Ci’en Temple
The Dayan Pagoda of Ci’en Temple , located in southern Xi’an, is a very famous ancient pagoda in China built for more than 1,300 years. It is the bright pearl on the Silk Road with excellent architectural beauty, precious Buddhist relics, rich religious culture, stories of the famous ancient monk - Xuan Zang.  This pagoda enjoys rich Buddhist culture, profound history of famous figures and  splendid architectural art.  It is regarded as the gem of Chinese ancient architectural history and a sacred Buddhist land.
Stamp featuring The Dayan Pagoda  of Ci’en Temple (652), Xian.
printed under the Series : Pagodas of the Tang and Song Dynasty (618-1279).
Issued Country China
Issued Year 1994
Category Buddhist Architect
Type Postage Stamps
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