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String bindings - Chinese Book (1992)

String bindings - Chinese Book (1992)

Traditional Chinese bookbinding, also called stitched binding is the method of book binding that the Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, and Vietnamese used before adopting the modern codex form.  The earliest known form of (paper) book binding in China is "butterfly binding"   which was invented during the Song Dynasty (around 1000 C.E.). Single-printed folio pages were pasted together and folded in a stack, creating a book in which pairs of printed pages alternated with blank ones. This was followed by "wrapped back binding", in which the folios were complied with the image on the outside, and the open ends at the spine. Stitched binding developed from wrapped back binding in the sixteenth century.

Issued Country Taiwan (R.O.C)
Issued Year 1992
Category Buddhist Arts
Type Postage Stamps
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