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Kiri Vehera
This large stupa known as the Kiri Vehera of Polonnaruwa, lying north of Lankathilaka Pilima Ge is said to be built by a queen of king Parakramabahu (1153-1186) called “Subadra”. The original name of this has been “Rupavathi Stupa” and this too is a part of Ãlahana Privena and stands 80 feet in height today.
This stupa is also the second biggest stupa in Polonnaruwa today. Also it is the only stupa to survive the 900 years of forces of nature and still is in the original condition.
There are many restored smaller stupas around Kiri Vehera. These have been identified as burial chambers of high priests and royals. Many of these including Kiri Vehera stupa has been attacked by treasure hunters and their valuables looted.
Issued Country Sri Lanka
Issued Year 1950
Category Buddhist Architect
Type Postage Stamps
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