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Terracotta figure , sigiriya
Sigiriya, the  rock fortress  which is over 600 feet high, is better known for its frescoes, the mirror wall with graffiti, Asia's oldest surviving landscaped gardens and the rock fortress on top, it has also gained a reputation for the large number of artifacts excavated from the site.
Miniature terracotta figurines are some of the most important discoveries of the excavations carried out. The new figurines were found among the rubble of collapsed structures in the boulder (rock) garden area, at the base of the rock, at a depth of between 150 and 250 centimetres. These structures are believed to be Buddhist monastic complexes dating back to around 500AD, after the reign of King Kasyapa. From their archaeological context and style, experts have dated them to a period between the 7th and 10th centuries.
Issued Country Sri Lanka
Issued Year 2012
Category Buddhist Image World Heritage Buddhist Arts
Type Postage Stamps
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