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Wat Phnom Doun Penh
Wat Phnom ("Mountain Pagoda") is a Buddhist temple that symbolizes the name of Phnom Penh, a historical site in the record of Khmer national identity. Wat Phnom Doun Penh has a total height of 46 meters.  The pagoda is named after grandmother "Doun Penh" who has the story of the discovery of the four statues: one Vishnu statue and four buddhas statue.
The sanctuary itself was rebuilt several times in the 19th century and again in 1926. The interior has a central altar complex with a large bronze seated Buddha surrounded by other statues, flowers, candles and items of devotion and worship. The walls are covered with murals, especially of Jataka stories of the Buddha's earlier reincarnations before his enlightenment. There are also murals depicting stories from the Reamker, the Khmer version of the Ramayana.
Issued Country Cambodia
Issued Year 1954
Category Buddhist Architect
Type Postage Stamps
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