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Wesak Festival 2016
Sithulpawwa Rajamaha Viharaya is an ancient Buddhist monastery located in Hambantota District, South Eastern Sri Lanka.  It is believed to have been built in the 2nd century B.C by king Kavantissa. 
This monastery was a place of worship for devotees as well as a center of Buddhist education for Buddhist monks. Paintings of the Anuradhapura era and the ruins of stone Buddha images, Bodhisattva images, Image Houses, Circular Relic Houses are spread throughout the monastery premises. The present chief incumbent of Sithulpawwa Rajamaha Vihara is Ven. Metaramba Hemarathana Nayake Thera.
Issued Country Sri Lanka
Issued Year 2016
Category Buddhist Architect World Heritage Buddhist Landscape
Type Postage Stamps
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